Friday, May 14, 2010

Skirting the Edge

Dear designers,
I kinda hate you. What's with all the pencil skirts, bubble skirts and ultra minis right now? Do you know who can wear a pencil skirt, bubble skirt or ultra mini and have them look flattering? Ummmm...not too many. Ok, so maybe a handful of stick insects in LA and NYC, fine. But you should see some of the people in my office trying to wear these styles - it's not pretty!

Anyway, what's a girl to do? I love, love, love wearing skirts in the summer. As soon as the weather warms up, pants go out the window and fun, feminine flowy skirts take flight. Most of my things from last year just look tired and grumpy, so I decided to indulge and pick  up a few new skirts for myself.  Houston, we certainly have a problem. This is what designers have in store for us this season:

Ann Taylor - this is what you have in mind for Spring? Ugh! 

Talbots - one of my favorite stores since I like simple and classic looks. I have rarely failed to find something cute and pretty here, until this year when I was faced with things like this....

Off to Nordstrom....what the what?

And, finally to Macy's....

Anyway, you get the drift. So I guess that the answer is that those of us who are not a size two have to wrap ourselves in burlap and keep our eyes downcast? Or...keep wearing the same old grumpy looking things from last year until a designer comes to their senses and starts making a-lines again?

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  1. I have to agree with the "what the what??" Seriously, this is why I don't shop but for once a decade. The skirts I got at NY&Co 5 years ago still serve me well and...well, they're not what's out now :)