Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Home Sweat Home

Being a new home owner is exciting, but tough - if you are like me, that is. I want to do it all NOW. And that means a workout -- painting, hanging crown moulding, knocking down walls, carpeting, choosing window coverings, buying new furniture and creature comforts...Whew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. The list is endless and the barrier is of course, time and money.

We love our new house, and we've made so much progress through elbow grease already. But I'm impatient to have the house be "ours" and just the way we want it now, so that we can actually relax in it on the weekends, instead of promising our first born child to the Home Depot.  What are the elements of your dream house? How are you trying to incorporate those elements into your current home? Do you believe that you can have it?
My husband and I love to travel, talk about travel and dream about we've created a feature wall in our hallway where we have hung matted and framed photos from some of our favorite vacations. Doing this doesn't have to be expensive either. I uploaded our photos to Snapfish and ordered large prints and I bought the frames and matteing at CostCo. And, Voila! Custom looking artwork and a personal area of interest that always gets us compliments from visitors.

Despite all of our great progress, there are some things that I'd really love, but know that I'm just going to have to save and save and save...and wait. I'm trying to learn patience...trying. *sigh* In the meantime, a girl can dream and try to manifest wonderful things, right?

My wish list includes:

A cozy Hammock for a shady part of the backyard.

A really great outdoor sectional for our screened in porch - I love this one from Restoration Hardware.(One of my all time favorite furniture stores!)

A really cozy sectional for the "Man Room" (like this one from Pottery Barn - it looks so comfy!)

And, a great stone patio for entertaining (wouldn't this be heavenly for winter and summer?)...

So, what's on your home completion or dream house wish list? Are you envisioning yourself already living in it?

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