Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sand & The City?

Have you seen the new Sex And the City movie?

For months I waited in anticipation to see this film. I really enjoyed the fun, emotional roller coaster ride delivered by the first one and frankly expected no less from round two. Then the reviews came pouring in and unfortunately, they weren't good. I sighed in disappointment....and then went to see the movie anyway.

So, here's my take. While the reviewers are correct - the second Sex And The City movie has a seriously weak plot line - I have to say that the fashion in the second movie has been significantly amped up! Just about every scene is a serious fashion WOW moment. Clearly, the writers went a different route this time - most likely egged on by opportunities for serious product placement and the money that comes with it. So, instead of telling a great story that just about all women can relate to, this version is two and a half hours of  total "fashion porn" for women.

High Points:
- I did love that this version of the film finally explains how Carrie met her three best friends (with great shots of them in the 80's together).The details of their early friendship puzzled viewers for a long time and we all really wanted to know more about how they came together.
- Miranda was a total hoot in this version of the film. She takes on the role of "Julie the Cruise Director" for the girls while in Abu Dhabi and sets up some really amazing excursions for them. Between Miranda's planning and the hotel and air travel accomodations, it's a real DREAM trip.
- Samantha, desperately clinging to youth, shows up to a red carpet event in the same outfit as Miley Cyrus.

Low Points:
- Aidan, while formerly super hot, seems to have lost his mojo. I was looking forward to having him back in the story, but he looked kinda old and leathery this time around.
-  Oh Liza Minelli. When I saw that you'd be in the film, I thought it would have been a cute cameo. But your version of "Single Ladies" was just plain painful. At every moment I was cringing waiting for you to have cardiac arrest. Eeek!

All in all, I will say that I enjoyed the movie. There were a LOT of laughs to be had, great fashion and it was nice to see the SATC franchise focus on marriage for a change. That said - I do hope they focus more on the storyline next time around (if there is a next time around).

What did you think?

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